Text Perfection: proofreading, editing and writing – Perth WA

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Text Perfection is an established and accomplished editing, proofreading and writing business.

Why choose Text Perfection?

If you want your writing to be clear and error-free and your website content, business documents and publications to create a positive impression, then you’ve come to the right place. The smallest details – from punctuation to choosing the perfect word – are crucial in making the right impression. What you produce must be flawless down to the last comma.

About the Director

I have been editing, proofreading and writing for over 25 years in my various roles in advertising, travel, print media, education, television and the legal profession. I was the kid at school who was asked to read out her essays and the ‘smarty pants’ who topped English. I remain the one who cringes at some of the copy I see on websites, on television and in print.

Blessed with ‘a natural eye’ for editing, I’m fast, thorough and accurate. I am fanatical about spelling, collective singular nouns, split infinitives, consistency, possessive nouns, the correct use of apostrophes, simplifying strangled sentences and finding clearer ways to communicate a message.

Don’t run the risk of losing your audience because of poor copy presentation. Let Text Perfection perfect your text.

Wendy Macdougall
Director – Text Perfection

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